The magnificent Badminton rocking horses were created in celebration of 25 years of rocking horse making of the highest calibre and are quite simply the most detailed rocking horses ever made.

Our senior carver, the doyen of British rocking horse makers, has created a small and exclusive range of incredibly detailed and innovative rocking horses for connoisseurs, collectors and those who simply insist on the very best.

This superb creation takes the traditional dapple grey rocking horse to new heights. In over two centuries of classic English dapple greys, we have not come across a design which is at once so magnificently detailed.

The rich tone of fine mahogany originally made famous by Chippendale furniture is exemplified in the painstakingly polished finish of this mahogany rocking horse. The elaborate craftsmanship and superb attention to detail shine through.

The big brother of the horse above is the large mahogany rocking horse, which is also presented here with a different head posture to its stablemate but with the same outstanding qualities of sheen and detail.

This unique and majestic mahogany rocking horse features a gorgeous hand-polished finish to the highest standards. It not only displays outstanding carving of the head and body, but this also extends to a splendidly intricate mane and tail.

This is rocking horse sculpture in mahogany. Born of decades of observing horses and reproducing them, this wonderful creature includes a hand-carved mane and tail as well as the characteristically detailed vein and muscle structure.

Although painted rocking horses have usually been painted dapple greys, this Black Beauty rocking horse makes a bold and striking alternative, which is shown here in the 'nursery size'.

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