The main focus of our business is the rocking horse restoration, but we also also able to offer some handmade, traditional rocking horses. You can choose from four distinct stables, each of which offers you a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. In addition, we offer you a number of antique, vintage and individual contemporary rocking horses. We do hope that you will find the rocking horse of your dreams!

The Burghley rocking horses are superb, contemporary rocking horses made in large and extra large sizes with the horse loving older child or adult in mind. Top class craftsmanship and the finest accessories combine to make an exceptional rocking horse. You can choose from walnut or dapple grey.

The Badminton rocking horses are quite simply the most detailed rocking horses ever carved. You will find striking detail and exceptional innovation in this stable of rocking horses on bow rockers or safety stands. You can choose between dapple grey or mahogany in a range of finishes.

Our Victorian rocking horses are the finest antique-style rocking horses made from authentic Victorian patterns on bows or safety stands. You have a choice of styles, but every Lancaster rocking horse is dinstinguished by a superb and subtle 'antiqued' finish.

The Windsor rocking horses are friendly traditional dapple grey rocking horses without the gnashing teeth, glaring eyes and excessive use of red paint which you may see elsewhere. A Windsor rocking horse will charm your children not frighten them! An oak horse makes an alternative to the dapple.

A number of fully restored antique rocking horses from renowned makers such as F.H. Ayres, Lines Brothers and J. Collinson completes our rocking horse stable. This section also includes some other contemporary rocking horses.

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