Our Windsor rocking horses represent the friendly face of tradition without the gnashing teeth, glaring eyes and indiscriminate use of red paint which you see on some Victorian-style rocking horses.

The Windsor is a welcoming rocking horse with an abundant mane and the hint of a cheeky smile and is sure to become a child's best friend on which he or she will gallop off to new adventures!

The Windsor dapple rocking horse is available in four sizes, of which this large sized horse is the most popular. The leather bridle and saddle are affixed in the traditional Victorian manner. You can choose the colour of saddle, its flaps, the saddlecloth and braiding. Understated colours like these complimentary browns are one option.

This extra large Windsor rocking horse is mounted on an oak stand and the mane sweeps to one side of the neck in a lifelike manner. The dappling pattern shows another option as does the traditional rosette.

This Windsor "Prince" horse is the smallest of the stable and is presented in this photo with the traditional bright coloured tack and is mounted on an ash stand, which provides great strength and stability as well as its beautiful grain.

The Windsor is also offered in natural wood finishes and this oak rocking horse has a light appearance which fits matches both traditional and contemporary decor. Like the dapples, a choice of accessory styles and colours is available.

The Windsor is available in four sizes:
Junior Prince:   Stand length: 46" = 1.17m.   Height: 37" = 0.94m.
Medium plus:   Stand length: 56" = 1.42m.   Height: 43" = 1.09m.
Large:   Stand length: 59" = 1.50m.   Height: 46" = 1.17m.
Extra large:   Stand length = 63" = 1.60m.   Height: 50" = 1.27m.

Showroom prices:
Junior Prince:  POA
Medium plus:  POA
Medium plus in oak:  POA
Large:  POA
Extra large:  POA

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