Our range of fine antique rocking horses for sale includes the finest and most renowned of Victorian, Edwardian and other early 20th Century names such as Ayres, Lines and Collinson.

The restoration of these horses has been undertaken by skilled and highly experienced professionals. Unlike many antique rocking horses which find their way on to the market nowadays, our horses are fit for their intended purpose of being ridden by children. They are not merely 'museum pieces'.

Naturally, the range of antique rocking horses we have for sale is constantly changing, so please contact us to let us know what you are seeking and we will get in touch when we have an appropriate antique rocking horse for sale.

Ayres rocking horse

The horses of the London rocking horse maker, F.H. Ayres, are regarded by many as the most distinguished of all Victorian rocking horses and our Ayres rocking horse is a fine example of a large (48") horse, which has been restored in authentic fashion. The showroom price of this rocking horse is £2,995.

Haddon Rockers Rocking Horse

The fibreglass rocking horses made by Haddon Rockers and later by Haddon Rocking Horses were a favourite for schools and hospitals, but many are now in private hands. Haddon rocking horse repair and Haddon rockers restoration and renovation is a speciality of Rocking Horse Revival.

The Liverpool rocking horse maker, J. Collinson, enjoyed the distinction of the longest uninterupted period of rocking horse making in English history. Our Collinson rocking horse restoration service operates in most areas of the country.

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